Stories to Share with My Partner Book – 3 – Audiobook


Mr Spyro Kouvaras and Krystal Kouvaras beautifully narrated my Stories to Share with My Partner Book – 3

Audiobook duration: 4:24:33


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Story telling is not easy at best. Add a few parameters as limits to the word count, the time allowed to write and given just a sentence or a word as your prompt, and they expected you to create a story or a poem.

Those are the challenges many writers face when they join a writers' group for the first time, and I was no different when a friend asked him to join the local writers' group in Camden, New South Wales.

This anthology of stories and poems resulted from said meetings and covers many topics. Some are serious, but luckily most are just fun to read.

The stories will take less than four minutes to read so you can easily have your favourite cup of coffee or tea and do a quick read and savour my quirky take on life.

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