mending hearts at crystal cove

By J. F. Nodar

Mending Hearts at Crystal Cove.

A Thief, a Chef and a Second Chance

The sequel to Books, Pens & Larceny

In this exciting and humours novel we continue where we left off in ‘Books, Pens and Larceny’.

Alicia Vassallo broke Danny Monk’s heart when he asked her to marry him and all she said was; “Well…”

His best friend Albert Matthew Guzman got him involved in a new hair salon venture in Northport New South Wales but Danny, after months, of not been himself, just cannot get his life back on track, so Albert suggests he take a holiday to get his head straight.

Danny arrives at the Poplar Inn in Crystal Cove, New South Wales, and finds an interesting mix of characters, especially the inn’s night chef: Antonia ‘Toni’ Webster.

One thing leads to another between them, but before Danny and Toni can get on with their newfound relationship, someone steals a valuable watch from one of the guests.

Danny has an idea of the culprit but needs the help of Albert, Toni, and the innkeepers to come up with the proof of the thief.

Will Danny find love this time at the Poplar Inn?

Will he solve the theft?


By J. F. Nodar

The Universe Between Us.

A Serious and Yet Funny Science Fiction Novel

Lew Drake is living a mundane life until a visitor from Venus shakes up his world.

The Venusian informs Lew that he and his family have been chosen to carry out a crucial mission—transporting the dying inhabitants from Venus living on Earth to a new home in an alternate universe.

The catch?

This is only a one-way ticket to Venus-2.

What follows is an intergalactic adventure full of danger, tough choices, and unexpected discoveries.

Will Lew and his family reach Venus-2 and complete their mission?

Find out in this thrilling sci-fi novel that explores the lengths people will go for the greater good.

Books, Pens & Larceny

By J. F. Nodar

Books, Pens and Larceny.

A Serious but Funny Novel

Danny Monk knows three things about his life.

One, he is struggling to make ends meet selling books in his bookshop but loves his job. Two, love has not yet crossed his path. Three, his best friend Albert is always there for him.

A proposition interrupts Danny’s tranquillity: Albert asks him to commit a crime.

Appalled, shocked, and then thrilled are the feelings Danny is experiencing.

He begins a double life in the ‘acquisition business’ – Albert believes it is too vulgar to call it stealing.

The absurd suggestion broke the serenity of Danny’s day. The opportunity will pass. Danny must decide.

Does he save his bookstore by living a secret double life or does he lose his life savings?

From the perch behind his counter, Danny sees Alessia, an avid book collector, walk in. He falls for her.

Some secrets are necessary. When Alessia comes into Danny’s life, is he willing to share them?


J. F. Nodar

José's Journey: From Cuba to the Australian Literary Scene

Born in the vibrant city of La Habana, Cuba, José’s early life was steeped in the rich culture of his homeland until the Cuban revolution of 1959 dramatically changed his trajectory. At the tender age of eleven, José was sent alone to an orphanage in Washington, Georgia, a move that marked the beginning of a challenging yet formative chapter in his life. Despite these early hardships, José’s resilience and determination saw him through high school and into the halls of Georgia State University where he studied Business Administration. His career initially veered towards finance, working with prominent institutions like the First National Bank of Atlanta, before his passion for storytelling led him to the creative realms of writing. Settling in Camden, New South Wales, José immersed himself in a local writers’ group, where he crafted his debut novel and developed his signature character, Danny Monk. Today, José is an esteemed author in Australia, known for his captivating short stories and novels that often draw from his intriguing life experiences. When he’s not weaving tales, José enjoys observing life from the bustling local mall, gathering inspiration for his next great character, or enjoying serene walks with his wife around Camden.

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